SLS 3D Printing Prototype with Colored Prototypes And Production

SLS 3D Printing Prototype with colored prototypes and production This is a section of the printer hand, CNC machining, material: ABS, transparent ABS. Printer Shouban NC production process:   First, the programming: programmers analyze 3D data, write control programming language CNC machining center;   Second, CNC machining: The finishing of the programming language into the computer-controlled machining center, the implementation of program orders;   Third, manual processing: sorting out the processed products. The main contents include: proofing data, remove flash, bonding, polishing and so on;   Fourth, the surface treatment: the effect of the map to complete a variety of surface effects, commonly used for painting, silk screen, electroplating, a special laser engraving, anodizing, drawing;   Fifth, the assembly: After processing is the assembly of the data detected, you need to test the surface assembly before assembly;   Six, packaging: the final product seized product packaging;

Product Details

The process of making a fax hand is a CNC. The advantage of a CNC hand board is that it can accurately reflect the information expressed in drawings, and the quality of the surface of a CNC hand board is high, especially after it is finished with surface coating and silk screen printing, Out of the product but also brilliant. Therefore, CNC hand board manufacturing more and more become the mainstream of hand board manufacturing.

Fax hand board:

Material: ABS, PMMA.

Surface treatment: matte surface, black and blue spray

In the cnc Shouban, plastic and metal Shouban almost occupy most of the Shouban industry, although many users know the plastic and metal Shouban, but to tell him what material Shouban, often do not answer is not comprehensive, and now we will tell you in detail A moment, it mainly includes the following materials:

1.ABS Shouban model is generally widely used in product casing, good connectivity, most used in metal plating products, such as water plating, vacuum evaporation plating, the material of the models are round bars, plates and so on.

2. PMMA belongs to acrylic, but also belongs to plexiglass, it has good transparency, is the best choice for the transparency of the production of materials, it can be used for dyeing, electroplating, spraying, screen printing, etc., can also be used for the degree of solubility Strong product, but its base is more brittle. And suitable for use with a hook mechanism.


Is a translucent material, which has the advantage of very impact-resistant, impact-resistant, as well as its flexibility is also very good, suitable for products with very high impact resistance products, such as auto parts, Packaging for the fold-type hand model.


Is a good strength, high degree of flexibility, transparency is also very good products, all of his advantages in one, in addition, it also added glass fiber to improve the rigidity and heat resistance of the plate, more suitable for Lens, the first choice for fine products and the production of hand products need to remain rigid and rigid in high temperature environment

5. Aluminum-magnesium alloy is a light weight, good strength of the product, but also more suitable for consumer 3C products a wide choice of materials, and its disadvantage is that magnesium is an exquisite metal products, the use of mechanical processing of products, especially Pay attention to environmental control, so as to avoid serious consequences, the use of mechanical processing more in the production, are high-cost materials.


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