Various Weight SLA ABS Prototypes

various weight SLA ABS prototypes 3D Printing Prototype with colored prototypes and production This is a section of the printer hand, CNC machining, material: ABS, transparent ABS. Printer Shouban NC production process:   First, the programming: programmers analyze 3D data, write control programming language CNC machining center;   Second, CNC machining: The finishing of the programming language into the computer-controlled machining center, the implementation of program orders;   Third, manual processing: sorting out the processed products. The main contents include: proofing data, remove flash, bonding, polishing and so on;   Fourth, the surface treatment: the effect of the map to complete a variety of surface effects, commonly used for painting, silk screen, electroplating, a special laser engraving, anodizing, drawing;   Fifth, the assembly: After processing is the assembly of the data detected, you need to test the surface assembly before assembly;   Six, packaging: the final product seized product packaging;

Product Details

1.Print the mainstream technology and its technology, hoping to help you better understand the working principle of 3D printing and its work characteristics. Now let's take a look at the mainstream process of 3D printing. 1. Fused deposition modeling (FDM) FDM may be the most widely used process at present, and many consumer-grade 3D printers use this process because it is relatively easy to implement: the FDM heating head converts the hot melt The material (ABS resin, nylon, wax, etc.) is heated to a critical state to render it semi-fluid, and then the heating head is moved along the 2D geometric trajectory determined by CAD under the software control. At the same time, the nozzle squeezes the semi- Press out, the material instantaneous coagulation to form a thin profile of the shape. This process is very similar to the two-dimensional printer's printing process, except that the ink is not from the printhead, but rather a melt of ABS resin and the like. And because the 3D printer's printhead or pedestal can move vertically, it allows materials to accumulate quickly, layer by layer, and each layer is printed to a defined shape on a track determined by the CAD model,

So eventually be able to print a good design of three-dimensional objects;

2.Stereolithography (SLA) According to Wikipedia records, the first rapid prototyping equipment used in 1984 was stereolithography technology. Nowadays, SLA has the most in-depth research on rapid prototyping equipment. The most extensive. Usually we usually referred to the process referred to as "light-cured", the process is based on the photosensitive resin can produce polymerization under ultraviolet light irradiation.


Q: Do you do polish in house or outsourcing ?
A: We have our own after finish department, there have 5person in that team. You may visit to our website for more details or just send email to us!


Q: Do you have experience for container shipment?
A: Yes,we do , though the experience is not at current factory, but our shipper in charge whom has more than 9years shipping export experience. We can support both air and sea booking shipment.


Q: Do you know what’s the most important when you build business with your clients?
A: To be honest.


Q: Do you support laser cutting logo service as well?
A: Yes, our service is one-stop chain service. So just send RFQ details to us please!


Q: Do your bank accept  Euro Currency ?
A: Yes, we do, we can accept below wire transfer( HKDUSDGBPAUDCADEURJPYSGDCHFNZDTHB )

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