Various 3D Printing Batch Production

1, in each product orders from a shorter time, better quality to complete the customer's creative design and Shouban production. 2, in the process of making each Shouban, Division I will not disclose the customer's commodity palm to a third party. 3, design and production of products and appearance of products to customers.

Product Details

Various 3D Printing batch production

1, high precision, to ensure product precision

The introduction of imported high-precision CNC equipment to ensure that the error is accurate to within 0.05mm-0.10mm

2, superb technology

Professional handling of various processes: such as electroplating, oxidation, spraying, laser engraving, etc .; fine surface treatment to fully meet the appearance of demand; reasonable structure, easy installation

3, customize

Accurately grasp and understand the designer's design concepts and details; Highly restored design; If you are not satisfied with the finished product, you are free to modify

4, selection of raw materials


  Low Volume

3D printing

  Low Volume

  Mould Tooling

Plastic Part   manufacture

CNC Milling of   metal and plastic parts

Gravity Die

SLA   - 450X450X600MM,
  0.02- 0.05 layer build


Rapid Tools in   15 - 25 Days

Low volumes

CNC Turning of   metal and plastic parts

Pressure Die



Production tools

High Volumes

Gear Machining

  Investment Casting (lost Wax)

Vacuum Casting

Threaded Inserts

P20, H13, NAK80   etc.

Wide range of   materials available

Various surface   finishes available,
  Anodising Polishing Brushing Etc.

Post processing   Machining.Bearing fits, tapping of threads, machining fine tolerances.

CNC machining of   plastic models

Various surface   finishes available.Painting and Plating

Export tooling   to European, Japanese and American standards. HASCO / DME etc.

Various colours   and colour matching available

Q: How do you control the outsourcing quality ,such as anodizing ?

A: We treat our sub contractor as one of our important partner, and good communication ,and the last is do IQC inspection ,after years experience, we are almost no complain from our customer


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