Our Company History
New Jin Xin PROTOTYPES was set up in 2005 by Mrs. Cai to provide rapid protyping services and injection mold tooling services for all industries requiring fast injection molded components with a minimum tooling investment. Since the company's foundation JX have strived to deliver within our client's quality expectations and deadlines and have developed in house procedures to ensure that projects are delivered on time, within budget and to quality specifications.

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Our Factory Company Brief Introduction
New Jin Xin factory is located  in the China international mould town DongGuan city Guang Dong Province. As a world supplier in the design initial prototype manufacture, it's available for various simple and complex design parts making, involve for both plastic and metal parts material processing, we are focus on OEM business, and also enjoy to sharing our experience with our clients for a reference, what we are doing is build a bridge, combine to the theory and reality leading to stable mass production, and achieve a perfect results! Though The First Step Is Always the Hardest, but we do trust our great team work and good communication skill and professional experience must be can become one of the important element in your job!

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Our Product Service
NEW JIN XIN PROTOTYPES provides services in the following areas:


Low Volume

3D pringting

Low Volume

Injection Mould Tooling

Plastic Part manufacture

CNC Milling of metal and plastic parts

Gravity Die

SLA - 450X450X600MM,
0.02- 0.05 layer build


Rapid Tools in 15 – 25 Days

Low volumes

CNC Turning of metal and plastic parts

Pressure Die



Production tools

High Volumes

Gear Machining

Investment Casting (lost Wax)

Vacuum Casting

Threaded Inserts

P20, H13, NAK80 etc.

Wide range of materials available

Various surface finishes available,

Post processing Machining.
Bearing fits, tapping of threads, machining fine tolerances.

CNC machining of plastic models

Various surface finishes available.

Export tooling to European, Japanese and American standards.
HASCO / DME etc.

Various colours and colour matching availabl

For all of the above services we provide an end to end logistics service or will liaise with our client's shippers for all logistical requirements.

Product Application Areas:
Automotive components: Car Parts, Car Lenses, Automobile Parts, Toy Cars;
IT components: Telephones, Cell Phones, Speakers, IPOD, MP4;
Home appliances parts: Televisions, LCD, Air Conditioners, Vacuum Cleaners, Irons, Coffee Machines, Electric Shaverr and Small Home Appliances;
Office appliances parts: Printer, Scanners, Copier, Computers;
Medical facilities: X-ray scanning machines, electronic facilities;
Housing, Lighting Parts, Cameras, Telescopes;
Aerospace Industry and Analytical Industry, All Kinds of Machinery Parts, Heat Sink Parts and Other Metal Components.


Our Order Procedure & Quality Control System

Clinets RFQ receive--> Jin Xin Sale Representative submit quotes--> Clients check quotation and confirm with us for details--> Jin Xin sales reply on timely--> Clients release order to us--> Jin Xin Order confirm--> 2D&3D specification confirm-->project team confirm processes(CNC milling; Lathe turning; Driling; wire cutting; EDM spark; Boring cutter; Reamer); --> engineer programming--> pre-surface treatment--> cnc machining/milling/lath, EDM process--> normal finishment--> dimension measurement, assembly testing, visual checking-->post-surface treatment like anodizing/ plating/ powder coating/ painting surfacements etc --> final QC inspection--> provide photos&reports to customers, approval from customer--> parts packaging and delivery--> Tracking the transit status and updated to Clients on timely--> Clients receive the goods&feed back comments
--> if checking results postive--> keep good service;
--> if checking results negative--> then following process


Production Market And Parts Scope
We have customers from both domestic 15% market and oversea 85%market.
Domestic main customer products scope : Medical facilities, Automatic jig, mould parts etc…
US Area : Mechanical equipment accessories;Industry Machinery Parts; Electronic accessories; Moto cycle machining parts; Precession car parts etch…
EU Area: Housing, Lighting Parts, Cameras, Telescopes machining parts and injection moulding parts etc…
Asia Area: Televisions, LCD, Air Conditioners, Vacuum Cleaners etc…
Australis: Machine machining component, Door in house hard ware machining and casting, stamping etc…

Our Goal :Harmonious Team, Harmonious Business
Our Mission Statement
To create and share a Win-Win & Share low-carbon business model for Small and Medium Business.
To treat our employees, suppliers and customers as brothers, grow together firmly and fairly.
We can accept small order! From 1pcs to thousands, Welcome contact to New Jin Xin!!!