CNC Machining Service

CNC Services is committed to the development of rapid prototypes and the production of small batches of spare parts, as well as the processing of making mold tools. At JX, we have a team of experienced programmers, skilled machine engineers, workshop has imported brand and chinese brand 3 axis, 4 aixs and 5 axis CNC machining machines 18sets at present, and 2 sets CNC lathes to achieve precision product output. To perfectly achieve your outstanding design and provide a one-stop service, we also have 2 sets of wire cutting machines, 3 sets EDM machines, 2 sets of grinding machines and 2 sets of milling machine in our metal machining workshop. A full service can be provided to meet customers requirements.


CNC Machining Range

Medical Equipment; Automotive components; Electronic product; Household appliance; Sports; Industrial Equipment Parts; IT components; Lighting parts, Cameras, Telescop, Aerospace industry and Analytical Industry, All Kinds of Machinery Parts, Heat Sink Parts and Other Metal Components. 



Machining Materials

CNC machining is able to machine plastic and metal parts from all kinds of raw material and heat treatment harden materials. For examples as below:

Metal Material Avaliable:Aluminum 6061, 6063, 5052, 6082, 7075 etc. AISI 303, SS304, 316, 316L, Brass, Copper, Beryllium copper, Invar 36, 440B, st44 (1.0044), 5083(AlMg), C45, S235, 40CMD8 and so on. 

Plastic Material Avaliable:ABS, PMMA(Acrylic), POM, ESD POM, Delrin POM, PA, Nylon, PA 30GF, PA 50GF, 30% GF Nylon, PC, PP, PVC, PBT, PTFE, PEEK, Rigid form board and so on.


Machining Process Types

CNC lathe processing: 

Suitable for round, cycle ,cylindrical shapes, precision up to +/-0.01mm, even 0.005mm and smaller tolerance, our lathe engineers are masters with more than 8 years of experience, not only experienced, but more importantly, quality awareness, processing is complete The high demand of the product keeps the yield rate to a high level. It is a strong supporting force in our company.


CNC Milling Machine: 

Suitable for all kinds of complicated design and processing of non-standard shape parts. Most of the products can be processed with 3 axes and 4 axes. Some complex products require 5 axes machining, and the precision fully meets the customer's drawings. requirements, the precision of the critical size and assembly position can reach 0.01mm and even more accurately.



Wire Cutting: 

It is mainly used for processing various shapes and delicate and fine workpieces. There are generally three types of wire cutting WEDM-HS, WEDM-MS, WEDM-LS. The wire cutting precision is very high, and the low-speed wire cutting can reach 0.001. Through multiple cutting, not only high precision requirements, but also surface quality can be achieved.




The use of copper electrodes or graphite electrodes to spark discharge parts, and to use the corrosion phenomenon generated by spark discharge to size the material. It can process thin parts, tiny holes, special-shaped small holes, deep small holes and other places with special requirements, suitable for cavity molds and complex parts.


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Machining Case: 


Precision CNC Machining Parts


Process Type:

Machining, Turning, Laser cutting,   Welding, Bending, forming etc.



Alu6061, Alu7075, Alu5052, other Imported   or China domestic standard specified material.



+-0.005~+-0.1 as per drawing tolerance requirement

Surface treatment:

Black Anodizing, Hard Anodizing, Chrome Plating, Nickel   Plating, Electroless Nickel Plating, Heat treatment, Stress relieve   treatment, Zinc, other customer specified treatment.



CNC Machining Center, CNC Turning Machine, CNC Vertical   lathe, 4-Axis CNC Machine, Wire EDM



Material certificate, QC reports, Surface treatment   inspection reports, other customer required certificates are available to   provide.



5~10days lead time. By DH/TNT/Fedex express, air   freight etc.


Delivery & Service:

Timely delivery each time. Provide   reliable service and responsible for each customer with each product. Our   target is to satisfy every customer with the best service.


Our commitments:

1.Fully understanding requirements, sufficient communication with customers.

2.Strictly manufacturing as according to design drawings and specifications.

3.Delivery products must be pass the final QC inspection.

4.Short delivery time and professional support service.


Manufacturing Parts Work Procedure

Order confirm→2D&3D specification confirm→project team confirm processes→engineer programming →pre-surface treatment→cnc machining/milling/lath, EDM process→normal finishment→dimension measurement, assembly testing, visual checking→post-surface treatment like anodizing/plating/powder coating/painting surfacements etc→final QC inspection→provide photos&reports to customers, approval from customer→parts packaging and delivery


Prototypes as example:


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