10 points to note in the post-processing of the prototypes

- Mar 19, 2018-

The 10 things to keep in mind in the post-processing of the prototype are explained in several parts:

一. Manual work of prototype products.

1. The production process and drawings shall not be right or wrong.

2. (ABS material) when the product is glued, pay attention to the amount of glue or less, and do not crack.

3. (acrylic materials) when the product is bonded, do not have the phenomenon of cracking and bubbles.

4. (PC material) when the product is in the oven or in the air duct, the temperature should not be too high.

5, (POM), nylon, aluminum alloy material product not glue, the reason is that these three materials glue instability, so can't use the CNC piecemeal processing, manual punching cannot beat hole a partial, or products will be scrapped.

6. Do not stick to the wrong place when assembling, do not have dislocation and clearance.

二. Polishing of prototype products.

1. The product workpiece should be polished without the Angle of R, and there is an arc in the edge of the workpiece, which may need to be noticed when grinding.

Don't minimize the size.

三. Complex model of prototype products.

Be careful not to deform and shrink. Don't have too many bubbles.

四.Spray oil of prototype products.

Do not have color difference, paint burst, drop paint and other phenomena, and control dust point in oil and oil injection.


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