5-axis CNC Machined Aluminum Project

- May 31, 2019-

Services: 5-axis CNC Milling, Machined finish, More economical packing services.


Material: AL6061-T6


Quantity: Complex overall feature with 40 sets.


Lead Time: CNC tooling manufacture lead time: 9 working days.

                     Threaded holes and inlaid inserts time: Done by hand, with only 3 hours.

                      Packing and deliver: 3 working days

5-axis table is rotational, it can manufacture the features from

different direction. With 5-axis CNC,one piece only needs 16

hours to be completed.though part has many different

geometries.The working time would be 24 hours with 3-axis

CNC machine instead.


5-axis CNC machines are capable of simultaneous cutting movements in all three dimensional shapes in die every side, no need to prepare fixture, reducing the working time and getting more accurate dimensions.The tolerance for 5-axis is ±0.02mm,which can get the high-precision parts.In contrast to 3-axis,another biggest advantage of 5-axis CNC machine, any other surface can be processed except the bottom surface which needs to be fixed on machine. A-axis can rotate from -90 to 120 degrees, B-axis can rotate 360 degrees.



Finally, to ensure the safety during the  transportation, parts would

be packed layer after layer with paper and foam.