5 axis machine processing complex parts

- Jan 22, 2018-

5-axis Machining ,a mode of cnc machine processing.

Five axes, x, y, z three moving axes plus any two axis of rotation.Relative to the common three axis (x, y, z three degrees of freedom) processing, five-axis machining refers to the parts with complicated geometry, need tool to locate in five degrees of freedom and the connection.

The machine tool used in 5-axis machining is usually called five-axis machine tool or five-axis machining center.The five-axis machining is often used in the aerospace field, and the machining of body parts, turbine components and impeller with free surface.The five-axis machine tool can not change the position of the workpiece on the machine tool and process the different aspects of the workpiece, which can greatly improve the machining efficiency of the prismatic parts.

5 axis cnc  parts milling