advantage of complex mode

- Apr 16, 2019-

High strength

Polyurethane (complex mode ) castings are made of rigid or flexible plastics. complex prototype molded parts are usually stronger than injection molded parts and stronger than 3D printed parts.

Good scalability

The polyurethane casting (complex mode ) process is suitable for small batch production from one to hundreds. On average, a silicone mold can accurately cast about 20-25 prototype parts, the maximum number depending on the part design and casting materials.

More than material

Polyurethane casting (complex mode) can provide a variety of rigid and flexible materials, can choose to do soft glue; Can also do ABS, PC and other plastic, mold shijia hand model also conquered a variety of high temperature and fire resistant materials. And the color of the duplicate parts can be mixed according to your requirements.

Delivery fast

Polyurethane casting (complex mode) because the mold production time is short, we can quickly make the silicone mold according to your prototype.

It can be shipped within 5-15 hours, compared to similar products, the injection molding cycle is months to complete.

complex mode 1