An important test point for prototyping products

- Feb 28, 2018-

Due to different prototyping mould processing molding, there are still many shortcomings, or some of the effects of product design, then the prototype finished products need to do some check: 

1. The appearance of model checking, whether conform to the design, surface treatment process is consistent with the design, whether the overall effect has reached the expected results.

2. The structural model checks whether there is interference in the assembly, whether there is interference, whether it is the design interference, or whether the model processes the interference, and whether the model conforms to 3D.

3. The number of model test, whether in the design of reasonable manageable, usually the standard tolerance within the scope of 0.5 to 1.5, the product, the greater the tolerance, the greater the sheet metal parts change is bigger, so you need to specifically noted in the model description, what size is the key part, need to do, what is the dimension, need to take control, to indicate clearly.

4. If there are any omissions in the number of accessories, please don't install them in time, but you will be in trouble in the east and west.

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