cnc machining and mold making

- Feb 21, 2018-

It can be said that the rapid development of plastic mold manufacturing industry mainly benefits from the innovation of CNC milling technology.Ordinary milling machine from the traditional to the three-axis machining center, then to today's high-speed five-axis milling, make again how complex 3 d surface parts processing, almost all can become a reality, the hardness of materials is no longer a problem.The main cavity and surface of plastic mold are finished by CNC milling.High speed milling cutter adopts path (typical cutting tool is solid carbide cutter head, ball end mill cutter and ripple), high speed (spindle speed is 40000 RPM), small cycle feeding, make greatly improve production efficiency, stable precision can reach 5 microns;At the same time because of the low milling force, to reduce the thermal deformation of workpiece, the milling depth is small, and feed faster (linear motor, fast moving speed of up to 80 m/min, up to 2 g acceleration), surface finish of Ra < 0.15 microns.High speed milling can process 60HRC hardened mold steel parts, so high speed milling is allowed to be machined after heat treatment, so that the mold manufacturing process is greatly simplified.

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