CNC Machining parts sample and batch production

- Apr 06, 2018-

Machining mainly includes manual processing and CNC machining.Manual processing refers to the method of machining various materials by means of mechanical equipment such as milling machine, lathe, drilling machine and sawing machine.Manual processing is suitable for small batch and simple parts production.CNC machining (CNC) refers to the use of CNC equipment for machining by mechanical workers, such as CNC machining center, milling center, EDM cutting equipment, thread cutting machine, etc.Most machining workshops adopt CNC machining technology.Through programming, the workpiece coordinates in the cartesian coordinate system (X, Y, Z) into a programming language, numerical control machine tool CNC controller by identifying and explain programming language to control the axis of nc machine tools, automatic removal of material, according to the requirement and finish machining workpiece is obtained.Numerical control machining (CNC) is used to process workpieces in a continuous manner, suitable for large quantity and complicated parts.

CNC machining parts : 

CNC machining parts