CNC Machining Rapid prototyping made in china

- Jan 29, 2018-

CNC Machining & Rapid prototyping made in china factory.

There are many manufacturing advantages in China, as listed below:

  1. Perfect industrial chain.The factory can form a supporting system, thus reducing the single cost.

  2.  The procurement of raw materials is convenient, China's heavy industry is relatively developed, domestic steel production is about 700 million tons, and other raw materials are relatively convenient, and the price is relatively low.

  3.  Convenient logistics and low cost.

  4.  Low labor cost, relatively high education degree, and guaranteed labor discipline.China's migrant workers usually have a junior high school degree, at least have a primary school education, and through the education of primary and secondary schools, labor discipline consciousness to a certain extent, compared to Africa and southeast Asia and other regions labor, although price is not dominant, but Chinese workers obey the labor discipline.

  5.  Domestic policy still focuses on the real economy, and does not follow the path of industrialization in Europe and America.Tough environmental laws in Europe and America, for example, are relatively loose in China.

CNC Machining & Rapid prototyping made in china