Differences between electroless nickel plating and nickel electroplating

- Apr 18, 2018-

The differences between electroless nickel plating and conventional nickel electroplating are as follows:

01. The surface of the electroless nickel plating layer is extremely uniform, as long as the plating solution can be soaked to obtain the nickel layer surface, and the solute exchange during the electroplating process is sufficient, the plating layer will be very uniform, and the effect of the profiling can be almost achieved.

02. Electroplating does not allow full-surface plating of some complex-shaped product materials, but electroless plating can be applied to any shape of workpiece.

03. The high-phosphorus electroless nickel plating layer is amorphous, the plating surface does not have any crystal gaps, and the electroplating layer is a typical crystalline plating layer.

04. Electroplating Because of the added current, the plating speed is much faster than that of electroless plating. Plating of the same thickness is to be completed earlier than electroless plating.

05. Electroless plating generally has a higher bonding force than plating

06. Electroless Plating Since most of the use of food-grade additives does not use harmful substances such as cyanide, electroless plating is more environmentally friendly than electroplating.

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