How to find a suitable precision parts processing factory?

- Jul 28, 2020-

How to find a suitable precision parts processing factory?


1. Engineering sample ability


Precision parts processing plant should have a strong comprehensive skills, rapid response of the project sample team, specialized in customers in the early proofing and process exploration and improvement work, and in this stage to record, accumulate and optimize the processing technology, to provide experience and data support for mass production stage.


2. Mass production capacity


Must have the high-end import processing equipment, at the same time has several other auxiliary equipment, and has an experienced processing team.


3. Quality control ability


The company has a testing center with all kinds of high-end testing equipment and strict quality control process, which can meet the stability and reliability requirements of medical, automobile, communication, photoelectric and other industries.


4. Technical service ability


An excellent team of engineers is required to provide on-site technical support and first-hand manufacturing feedback to customer r&d personnel during the early stages of new product development, sample trial production and mass production.At the same time, we always pay attention to the problems and new requirements of customers in the cooperation, and take this opportunity to improve the products and services provided.



Investigate a precision parts processing plant is good, specific is to understand the company's situation from all angles, find the processing plant, the quality of parts processing is guaranteed.