Industrial prototypes for your benefit

- Feb 03, 2018-

1. Appearance design evaluation;

Can be divided into: external dimensions, the proportion of parts, color, materials and surface texture.

2. Rationality evaluation of structural design;

Can be divided into: product size, assembly mode, structural strength, coordination clearance, material selection, etc.

3. Product functional testing;

Can be divided into: assembly test, operation test, drop test, electrical test, motherboard performance test, etc.

4. Cost optimization before production;

Can be divided into: the cost accounting of structural parts (which must be, which can be cancelled), electrical arrangement optimization (such as FPC routing method, etc.), assembly mode cost optimization, etc.

In the early stage, the appearance of the Rapid prototyping was made. After the processing and production of the  prototypes factory, it was assembled and finished by the internal parts to test the assembly of the products.

Rapid prototyping