Influencing factors of prototype and stamping forming quality

- Mar 16, 2018-

Due to domestic prototype manufacturing enterprises mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, and a considerable part of the enterprise, is still stay on the production management of traditional cottage stage, often ignore the quality of the prototype, the prototype and long development cycle and high cost problem, severely restricted the development of enterprise.

What is quality?Quality is divided into process quality and production quality.Process quality refers to the process plan to meet the quality of production qualified products;Production quality refers to the production capacity of quality in the production process.

The main factors influencing the quality of prototype and stamping are: the use of prototype materials;Strength requirement of prototype structural parts;Quality of stamping material performance;The fluctuation characteristic of material thickness;The range of material changes;Resistance of tensile reinforcement;Variation range of pressure margin;Choice of lubricants.

Sheet metal stamping sample