Is it cheaper to make rapid prototypes or to make molds?

- Mar 15, 2018-

A lot of people will have a question in their hearts, is it cheaper to make prototypes or to make molds?I'll give you a general idea of the price of the next two, which is more affordable, and why?

First of all, we want to make sure do the number of products, sheet metal parts and CNC machined part, cannot leave the quantity to determine price, product and product complexity, more simple prototype is more cheaper, for example: if there is one standard sheet sizes, is the metal material, such as stainless gold plate, do you want to be a product number is 100, so do hand is the price of 100 yuan a, so the price is 10000 yuan, so open mold, a mold factory open mould also see what kind of parts,In general, only do 100, mold factory, usually don't do, of course, does not rule out individual mold factory will help to make, the price of a mould cost is high, the specific price is depends on the design of products, making more difficult.However, a few words, calculate the mould cost combined with production material cost, etc., may be more expensive than the rapid prototype, if the demand quantity is more, also need to for a long time, then open mold production cost is more cheaper than the prototype.

So is it cheaper to do a quick prototype or an open model?See the wisdom, see the need to decide how to make the method, is the method that you choose, to which make the way cheap is to see the product unfixedly, see the demand to decide.

If you need it, we can offer you two prices. The JX prototype factory can make prototypes and also make molds.

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