Make transparent prototypes product of three kinds of materials

- Mar 10, 2018-

When you're doing product development.In order to find out the product design defect and save cost, we have to make a first prototype to verify the feasibility of generally does not directly open mould, prototype processing plants are CNC machining prototype piece assembly appearance, sometimes we will design to some transparent parts, then transparent when doing the prototype, we should choose what material to do will be more good?

Below I introduce the three kinds of materials that are commonly used for transparent prototype

ABS transparent material.

Characteristics: toughness general, can be disassembled and glued, can be roasted to 70 degrees after spraying, can be made of water (conductive).The vacuum coating material has a temperature tolerance of 70-80 degrees.

2. PC transparent material

Features: hardness and toughness, high resistance to impact, good insulation and heat resistance (resistance to high temperature of 120 degrees) can piecemeal adhesive, transparency (90%) by chloroform fumigation generally transparent, can be dyed.Note: transparent spray oil is easy to crack.

 PMMA acrylic transparent materials.

Good transparency, a prominent aging resistance, good insulation and mechanical strength, strong corrosion resistance to acid and alkali salt, and easy processing, detachable parts occupy the planing, drilling, carving, polishing, screen printing, sandblasting and other manual and mechanical processing, can be dyed, fuel injection, 90-90 degrees of heat-resistant, transparent lamp is multi-purpose the material, the disadvantage is crisp, easy to crack.


If you don't understand the material.You can also contact the engineer of JX prototype factory to help you understand the requirements to select materials.

When you make a product.We choose materials to see the product requirements to customize, and what materials are used to achieve the effect we want,

The selection of product features is the best choice, so make sure that the product features structure to determine the material.


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