NEW JINXIN: Top Quality Metal Stampings

- May 15, 2019-

NEW JINXIN Manufacturing has been in the metal stampings industry for over 15years. Located in Dong Guan China, we serve a wide range of industries with our custom metal stampings and custom sheet metal fabrication capabilities.

NEW JINXIN has offered solutions in just about every industry ranging from Aerospace to Hardware and everything in between. Let NEW JINXIN, with our 15+ years of experience, be your low-cost, high-quality custom precision metal solutions provider. Request a quote or contact us today!

Advanced Quality Custom Metal Stampings 

Custom metal stamping is an industrial process that relies on equipment fitted with dies to produce shapes from sheet metal. In addition to stamping, metal presses can punch, tool, notch, bend, emboss, blank and coin sheet materials. Metal stamping is vital to several industries.


NEW JINXIN’s philosophy is to maintain low operating costs, invest in best-in-class technology, automate and standardize, and hire smart, motivated people.

Our core competencies consist of:

  • Providing precision stamping and sheet metal fabrication solutions

  • Our in-house tool and die shop

  • Our ability to provide complete assemblies, inventory management (JIT, kanbans, pull programs), and logistics.

  • Our established network of proven supplier partnerships including (powder coating, plating, anodizing, machining and other secondary operations)

  • NEW JINXIN strongly encourages engineering collaboration between our engineers and our client’s engineers to come up with the best possible low-cost solution to manufacture the client’s product while still meeting the client’s needs and not compromising quality or function of said product.

    Fully Customized Sheet Metal Fabrication

  • Sheet metal fabrication involves manufacturing components by way of manipulating sheet metal. This is accomplished by first laser cutting or turret punching the material, precision metal forming, bending, and rolling of the sheet metal, and welding. NEW JINXIN produces sheet metal fabrication parts and assemblies across many markets, from medical and technology to heavy equipment.

  • NEW JINXIN can form, draw and assemble small to large sheet metal fabrication assemblies that our three CNC turret presses and fiber optic laser produce. We have a large welding department, assisted by robotic welding capabilities, for all your assembly and fabrication needs. NEW JINXIN also can handle your cosmetic needs using finishing techniques performed by our skilled personnel and our straight-line sanding machines.

  • NEW JINXIN is your one stop shop for sheet metal fabrication and turnkey parts. We provide inclusive, comprehensive solutions, not limited to sheet metal fabrication, metal precison stamping and engineering prototype services.