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- Feb 26, 2018-

With the development of science and technology, more and more robots are needed.Many hot-blooded designers try to design elegant robots, hoping to improve production efficiency and bring progress to the development of the world.Recently, there was a little video on the Internet. The content in it was to make robots not only cut noodles and cut vegetables, but also serve the guests.The appearance is exquisite, and is the pink maiden heart that the public likes.It is obvious that the store has attracted many guests with the idea of robot, and has replaced labor and saved a lot of money.So many netizens watched the video, and there was a comment saying that people no longer work hard and are soon replaced by robots.

Our JX prototype has 12 years of experience in the factory, and the engineers and operators with more than 8 years of prototype experience can achieve a precision of 0.02mm!With 12 CNC machining centers,24 hours of continuous processing,3-7 days shipment!We adopt the international pantone color card, the reference international standard, the color error is small, the appearance of the robot prototype is very exquisite and extreme!JX prototype, with quality first, reputation for weight, service for sincerity, service customers.

Robot prototype parts customization´╝Ü

Robot prototype parts customization