​Rapid prototyping product surface treatment: the advantage of sandblasting

- Jan 26, 2018-

Rapid prototyping after the machine processing out all need to do some surface treatment technology, can let the effect is more good-looking, on the surface of the plank to introduce to you under the sand blasting process, after sandblasting surface have a layer of sand grain effect, increased administrative levels feeling, make hand samples look more upscale and perfect.

Sand blasting technology used in compressed air powered, form a high-speed jet spray is expected to shoot to need to deal with surface of workpiece, the surface changes, due to the abrasive effect on impact on the surface of the workpiece and cutting, make get some cleanliness and different roughness of workpiece surface, make the workpiece can improve the mechanical properties of the surface.

Materials: copper ore, quartz sand, carborundum, iron sand, sea sand, etc., the spraying sand used by Rapid prototyping is quartz sand.

Sand blasting can choose between different roughness, and no other process can achieve this.Manual polishing can be made out of wool, but it is too slow. The cleaning of chemical solvent is too smooth to remove the coating.

Machined parts for surface spraying