Stainless steel spherical structure

- Aug 01, 2017-

The structure of the stainless steel sphere determines the connection between the valve body and the pipe, the valve body and the bonnet, in terms of the manufacturing method, there are several kinds of casting, forging, forging welding, casting and welding and tube plate welding.

Usually from the economic considerations, the nominal diameter is equal to or greater than 50mm of the use of casting, less than 50mm of the use of forging, but with the development of modern casting, forging technology has gradually broken through this limitation.

The forging valve body has been developed to the large caliber, but the casting valve body gradually develops to the small-caliber direction; any valve body can be forged, also can be cast, according to user requirements and manufacturing methods owned by the manufacturer, the tube plate welding valve body is usually used in large-caliber medium and low pressure.