Testing tool :Thread Go-No-Go gauge

- Dec 27, 2018-

Thread Go-No-Go gauge is a precision thread detection gauge. It is used to detect the maximum diameter and limit diameter of thread.

As long as the gauge are passed, the No-Go gauge are only qualified. The rule is: the thread stop can not exceed 2.5 turns into the thread. The general requirement is that it should not exceed 2 turns, and the force can not be used. Our experience is to gently clamp the thread gauge with the thumb and forefinger to just turn the thread. The strength of the gauge shall prevail. When the thread ring gauge is used, we are holding the five fingers and evenly distributed on the thread ring gauge. The palm is suspended and the thread ring gauge is rotated by five fingers. The pass can pass freely through the thread, and the stop can be screwed into the effective tooth pattern of no more than 2.5 turns (ie, there is a groove on the outside of the general stop, and the thread is screwed into the groove) to be qualified. The method of holding the thread plug gauge is very clear on the 14th floor. The inspection tool has certain accuracy requirements. If the force is too large, the damage will be lost. If the inspection tool loses accuracy, it will be scrapped and cannot be used any more.

Thread Go-No-Go gauge