The advantages and disadvantages of the prototypes over UV

- Feb 20, 2018-

The surface of the Rapid prototyping  is protected by UV treatment, UV paint is UV curing paint, also known as light trigger paint.UV treatment can protect surface of gao guang, a layer of smooth surface of the transparent effect, a layer of transparent oil sprayed on the surface of samples, use ultraviolet light to dry, product brighter, and not easy to scratch. 

The advantages and disadvantages of Rapid prototyping, UV

(1) high hardness.The maximum hardness can reach 5 ~ 6H;

(2) fast curing speed, high production efficiency, curing in 30 minutes through uv curing;

(3) excellent coating performance. The coating has high performance indexes in all aspects of hardness, abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, salt spray and gasoline, etc.In particular, the paint film is full and lustrous;

(4) the light curing process adopted by UV paint is free from pollution while painting, and is recognized as a green environmental protection product;

(5) UV coating is sensitive to dust, and therefore requires strict construction environment.

(6) it is not protected against the sun, and it is easy to crack under the sun.

(7) the time will be yellow, so when the appearance of the product is pure white, UV glazing is not normally used.

(8) the price is more expensive, and the pretreatment of the coating is very high.

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