The cause of Rapid prototyping electroplating and plating process

- Feb 05, 2018-

Why is the Rapid prototyping charged?Hand or parts after molding, the surface of metal luster is poorer, plank for electroplating process, make the panel surface with metallic luster, Rapid prototyping by electricity once rust and wear, also can improve the electrical conductivity, lubricity, strength, heat resistance, weather resistance.The surface is more beautiful and has many advantages.

How is the Rapid prototyping electric transition carried out?Electroplating is take the metal at the anode electricity once after the Yin and Yang in Yin and pole of positive ion plating on metal cation electrolyte solution is linked together, through the direct current (dc), will be on the surface of the metal oxidation reaction, loss of electrons.The positive ions in the solution are reduced and attached to the surface of the ferrite.This is the wet method.There is also vacuum plating, vacuum electroplating does not need electrolyte, it needs to be in the vacuum environment through high voltage, large current mode of call.In comparison, the quality of water and electricity is better, and the metal parts have better gloss.However, the Rapid prototyping complex module can only use vacuum electricity.The real power transition can solve the problem of seven colors.Water and electricity transfer needs to be polished 1500-2000 sandpaper, high requirement.The actual plating only needs 800-1000 sand paper to be polished.Manual requirements are lower than hydropower.The price is also favorable.Rapid prototyping after electroplating, color luster, metallic simple sense, good appearance, and the real product almost the same, so the standard factory appearance standard for electroplating process do a commonly used technique.

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