The difference between die - casting core and mould core and its working principle

- May 22, 2019-

The mould core and the mould core are the moulding parts. Die frame is generally divided into two plate mold and three plate mold, the two plate mold including the front plate, the mother template, the male template, the left pillow plate, the right pillow plate, the top ejector plate, the bottom ejector plate, the back plate, the three plate mold is more than a plate. And the mold is placed in the male and female template template in order to put the mold kernel need to mill a cavity.


Different parts of the mold have different names in different places, which is normal. 

Die core, as the name implies, refers to the key parts for the operation of the mold center. The general structure of the die core is extremely complex, very difficult to process, the cost is very high, often the artificial cost of manufacturing greatly exceeds the material itself. The choice of core material is also directly related to the cost of the mold and the service life of the mold. Die cores include: drawing die cores, ceramic die cores, vacuum die cores, exhaust die cores, auto parts die cores, etc.

The choice of core material is directly related to the service life and price of the mould. In terms of products, product demand for small, choose a good mold core material, mould cost is increased, for the company increases the cost, it is a waste, product demand is big, poor choice of mold core material, can not meet the production demand, mold is discarded, need to open mold, production efficiency, also increased the mould cost. In order to reasonably choose core materials, it is necessary to first understand the mold commonly used core materials and core materials characteristics, according to their actual work experience using different core materials is very important.

Die-casting core and kernel materials: P20, 738, 738H, 718, 718H, NAK80, 2316, 2316A, S136, etc. The materials used for adding hard dies are 2344, 8407, SKD11, SKD61, etc.

Mold core, as the name suggests, is the core part of the mold. The place where the product comes into contact first is the place where high temperature, high pressure, corrosive gas and living conditions are the most severe. Therefore, it needs to be made with the best materials. Here is the key location of a set of molds, many of the mold factory to pay attention to the place.

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