The difference between Rapid prototyping and mold

- Jan 30, 2018-

Mold and tools for industrial production.Colloquially speaking, it is the tool used to make molding objects, which are made up of various parts and are used to make the billet into a tool with specific shapes and sizes.Different molds are made up of different parts.It mainly realizes the processing of object shape by changing the physical state of the molding material.There is the title of "mother of industry".Any goods are created with mould, and can say no mold, no products, widely used in forming in the industry product, such as: the TV sets we common household electrical appliances, such as mobile phone, telephone shell, such as communications equipment and other products, is to put the note into a mold cooling heating software moulding production, electric rice cooker is the metal plate with mold pressed into such a shape.Mold with specific outline or inner cavity shape, mold is a precision tool, complex shape, bear the expansion force of billet, the structural strength and rigidity, surface hardness, surface roughness and machining accuracy have higher request, the development level of mold production is one of the important symbol of the levels of mechanical manufacturing.The cost of solid mold manufacturing is usually very high, and the large-scale mold is a set of tens of thousands of millions, even millions, especially in the medical industry, and millions of molds are very common.If there is an unreasonable structure or other problem in the process of installing the die, the loss will be great.Therefore, it is generally used to confirm the appearance, structure and function with the hand board, and confirm that there is no problem before the mold batch production.

 Rapid prototyping, also can be called sample,some place also call it "the first prototype", namely the product's first model, in Japan, also called "handle", English translation is "rapid prototype". Rapid prototyping is the first step to verify the product feasibility, is to find design defect and insufficiency, the defects of products the most direct and effective way, thus to targeted improvement of defect, until you can't find out from the individual hand-board model is insufficient, often need to small batch trial-produce and then find out the insufficiency to improve in the bulk.Usually just a product research and development and design to complete the product needs to be done  Rapid prototyping , designed products generally can't be perfect, can't even use, direct production once the defective will be scrapped entirely, waste of manpower and material resources and time greatly.However, the hand plate is generally a small sample with short production cycle and low loss of manpower and material resources. It quickly finds out the shortcomings of the product design and then improves it, providing sufficient basis for the product design.

Rapid prototyping,CNC machining parts :

Rapid prototyping,CNC machining parts