The final process of prototype product - polishing

- Mar 01, 2018-

Results of machine CNC machining is very rough, products will have a residual scar and burrs, so make by hand to use sand paper for grinding and polishing, but we usually before polishing according to the size of the sample (rough) to decide whether to carry on the sand blasting process.Manual processing is cumbersome.Especially hole or buckle a place more, to handle special waste of time, so using a fine glass beads (such as 60 # for the coarse sand, 200 # fine sand) after sandblasting machine pressure spray onto the surface of the sample, in order to achieve the residues in the samples of burr abort, convenient behind with sandpaper, sanding is from coarse to fine (such as 150 #, 150 # sandpaper to fine sandpaper) surface with grinding machine grinding area is large.Before polishing, it is necessary to look at the structure of the 3D drawing to polish it, and all the drawings that are given by the customer are standard!Don't be sloppy, polish off corners or be overly smooth.Otherwise it will be useless.

Here are a few simple grinding methods:

 1. Generally in grinding on the samples after spraying color again for grinding and polishing, in order to clear whether processing in place. 

2. Pay attention to in the process of grinding plane parts sand paper need a small piece of tablet pressing to mill grinding (hard). 

3. For circular parts with silicone pressure sand paper to grind (soft plate mill), until the samples are polished, rugged

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