The process performance of hardware

- Aug 01, 2017-

Casting performance: Refers to whether the metal or alloy suitable for casting some of the process performance, mainly including flow performance, full mold capacity, shrinkage, casting solidification volume contraction capacity, segregation refers to chemical composition heterogeneity.

Welding performance: Refers to the metal material by heating or heating and pressure welding method, two or more than two metal materials welded together, the interface can meet the use of the characteristics of the purpose.

Top Gas segment performance: refers to the metal material can be awarded to the top forging without rupture of the performance.

Cold bending performance: refers to the metal material at room temperature can withstand bending without rupture performance, bending degree generally with the bending angle α (outside) or bend the diameter d of the material thickness a ratio indicated that a larger or d/a smaller, the better the cold bending of the material.

Stamping performance: Metal materials bear the ability of stamping deformation processing without rupture, stamping at room temperature is called cold pressure, test method is tested by cup-burst test.

Forging performance: Metal materials in the forging process can withstand plastic deformation without rupture of the ability.