The prototypes is divided into four categories according to the production method

- Feb 02, 2018-

The  prototypes is divided into four categories according to its production method.1. Handmade  prototypes: hand-made  prototypes.2. CNC machining  prototypes: the  prototypes made by computer digital machine tool, characterized by fast forming and high precision.3. RP  prototypes: PR piece is a model made by using laser rapid prototyping.4. 3D printing: it is made by rapid prototyping technology to make a 3D prototypes.In the handicraft industry, RP  prototypes and CNC machining  prototypes have their own characteristics and shortcomings.The RP  prototypes is mainly used for the rapid prototyping technology to form a layer of forming objects, its accuracy is not very high.And CNC machining  prototypes can directly use computer digital control and the drawing accurate match.The surface quality of CNC machining  prototypes is high.After a series of processing, the model is very beautiful like real products.Therefore, CNC machining  prototypes is the core of  prototypes production.

CNC machining  prototypes