The quality of the protorypes has four levels, producing high-quality prototypes

- Feb 08, 2018-

In the production of prototypes, the experience and skills of the designer play a crucial role.Confirm the rationality of the design through the test mode;The final completion can be achieved through repeated trial and repeated modification of the prototypes.In the production practice, some hand once put into production line to use, often can produce all sorts of problems, can meet the production requirements or technical requirements, product production line caused by abnormal shutdown, etc., bring many unstable factors.Therefore, how to improve the quality of the prototypes is a practical problem facing manufacturers.

In order to solve the problem of prototypes quality, we need to strictly control the following aspects: 

1.In the process development stage, the product is analyzed to predict the possible defects in the manufacture, so as to develop a quality manufacturing process plan.

2.Implement the standardization of production process and standardization of production process;

3.Set up a database and continuously optimize it to get the optimization solution.

4.Perfect enterprise internal management.The management intensity of the enterprise is well known to the public, a company should have a complete quality control system, and the supervisor's experience should be very rich.It is not a problem to produce high quality prototypes.

prototypes parts : 

prototypes parts