what are the different uses of galvanized sheet metal

- Jul 15, 2019-

Galvanized sheet metal consists of thin sheets of steel that have been coated with zinc to increase corrosion-resistance and durability. Galvanized sheet metal can be used in construction for building homes and commercial structures, and many companies build machinery and equipment out of this material because of its ability to withstand exposure to moisture, chemicals and grease. Tool boxes, metal shelving and industrial metal furniture are also made of galvanized metal. Basic consumer and household goods, including washing machines, some furnishings and major appliances like refrigerators or dishwashers are often made from sheets of galvanized metal. It is also found in many marine applications, where it helps to reduce rust and corrosion caused by saltwater exposure.

Construction industry professionals can find many uses for galvanized sheet metal within the building industry. This material is widely used to construct pre-fabricated metal buildings, which are often used for maintenance and storage. When these sheets are used to make metal buildings, they are cut into pieces used to form the roof, ceilings and interior and exterior walls. These sheets are fabricated in a factory than shipped to a job site for rapid assembly.

Galvanized metal sheets are also used in commercial construction. They may serve as roofing on some agricultural structures, and are used to make gutters and siding in both homes and business. These sheets are also commonly used as flashing around roof penetrations, windows and doors, and may be used for interior or exterior trim. Door manufacturers form sheets of galvanized metal into smooth or molded doors, and electrical manufacturers may rely on this material when making electrical panels and junction boxes. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning ducts are also made from galvanized metal sheets.

In marine applications, galvanized sheet metal serves as an important component in many boat parts, including both commercial ships and recreational vessels. The non-corrossive nature of this material also makes it well-suited for making doors, benches and trim for boats. Many of the cabinets, decks and furniture on boats are also made of galvanized sheeting. Even structures located near the water, such as shipyard equipment and dock trim components may be made from this material.