What are the drawings for the prototype?

- Mar 23, 2018-

Many people want to develop a new concept product, and then want to prototype to validate the concept product, and find out the most direct and effective way to design the defects, defects and defects of the design products.So what kind of drawings do you need to prototype? 

We designed a concept products, will be 2 d floor plan design, however, some of the more complex components, the floor plan can express, but the prototype factory refused to give processing.What kind of drawings will be provided to the prototype factory to help them make the prototype?

Prototype factory processing requires 3D drawing files to be willing to quote and prototype samples!3 d figure is also called 3 d stereogram, can through the eyes of superposition and separation of visual imaging system, a prototype plant through 3 d figure to understand customers do prototype each part size, and product appearance, internal structure complexity and help to judge a prototype production materials and processing time, can accurately to the customer quotation and delivery date.The prototype processing plant is also for more accurate and convenient, only needs the 3D drawing file.

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