What are the forms of machining?

- Aug 01, 2017-

The main forms of machining are: Turning, milling, machining, grinding and processing. Traditional machining methods include: Car, clamp, milling, planing, inserting, grinding, drilling, boring, punching, sawing and so on. In addition, electroplating, casting, wire cutting, forging, electrical corrosion, powder processing and so on.

Car: mainly processing shaft or swivel parts, through turning the lathe to achieve the proper shape;

Milling: The main machining plane, or bevel, through the milling cutter plate to remove the plane;

Planing: The main machining plane or surface, through the planer to remove the plane or surface;

Grinding: Mainly through the grinding wheel grinding plane, outer circle, the inner circle to achieve surface roughness;

Drilling: Mainly through the drill drill hole to process;

Boring: Mainly through boring knife or blade boring inner hole.

Chong: Mainly through punching punch molding;

Sawing: Mainly through sawing machine cutting.