what do you know about CNC

- Apr 09, 2019-

Numerical control is the abbreviation of numerical control. It is an automatic method of programming and controlling a certain working process with the help of Numbers, characters or other symbols.

  1. Numerical control usually USES a special computer, the operation of the instructions in the digital form, the machine equipment in accordance with a predetermined procedure to work.(Numerical Control):Represents the old, original numerical control technology.CNC(Computerized Numerical Control):Computer numerical control technology -- the new version, the preferred abbreviation of numerical control.

  2. Digital control is a kind of automatic control technology developed in modern times. National standard (gb8129-87) defines it as "a method to control the movement of machine tools and their processing process with digital signals".

Extended information:

1, In the numerical control processing, the CNC machine tool action is the numerical control device to the numerical control machine tool transmission motion command pulse group, each pulse corresponds to the unit displacement of the machine tool.

2, Most of the high-grade CNC system can be through the session of automatic programming system to automatically select the tool, the generation of process line, cutting depth and cutting speed, cutting simulation, greatly improve the efficiency of on-line programming and complex surface programming.

3, CNC technology and equipment is the development of new high-tech industries and cutting-edge industries enable technology and the most basic equipment. Numerical control technology is widely used in the information industry, biological industry, aviation, aerospace and other national defense industries all over the world to improve the manufacturing capacity and level, as well as the adaptability and competitiveness of the market.

4, CNC lathe, turning center, is a high precision, high efficiency automatic machine tool. It has a wide range of processing properties, processing straight cylinder, oblique cylinder, arc and a variety of threads.