what's the different between mode core and mold

- Apr 23, 2019-

What steel products are the no.1 die blank and no.2 die blank in the quotation of injection mold

A: it is the first time to hear about model 1 and model 2. After the mold is opened on the injection molding machine, plate A refers to the front mold template, while plate B refers to the template of the back mold. The design with mold core is the difference between the mold blank and the mold, which is installed in the frame of the template. Generally, the front and rear molds are made of S50C (Japanese brand), which is not much different from A3, 45# and 50# mentioned in the mainland. If it is only a quotation, it is ok

Injection mold blank general choice of what kind of material?

A: cold stamping die generally choose Cr12, CrWMn, Cr12MoV and other punch, die, other parts of 45# steel, Q235 steel. Carbon type die steel is generally used for injection molding: medium carbon structure steel is mainly used, with S45C, S48C, S50C, S55C and other representative steel Numbers. Prehardening die steel: medium carbon alloy steel with high hardenability is mainly used, and the representative steel number is P20.

What are the common moulds for plastic moulds? 

Answer: according to the shape, it is mainly i-shaped blank and straight body blank。

Do hot runner and do plastic mold, mold blank, which is better and which is better

Answer: have the prospect of development, the individual is valued plastic mould

What are the basic requirements of the mold blank

Answer: 1, the precision is high because the mold blank mold frame custom after the grinding tool manufacturers will be used to manufacture products of the mold, and the use of the mold is usually used for mass production of the product processing, so there must be enough precision, to ensure that the quality of each product produced is the same. So for customized production of the mold, the first requirement is precision