Where is the concentration of machining factories in guangdong?

- Mar 07, 2018-

 In guangdong machine processing plant mainly concentrated in the pearl river delta, shenzhen and dongguan occupy a large part.You can do all kinds of prototyping.The plastic materials used in the prototype are mostly ABS, PC, acrylic, PP, PBT, PA, POM, etc.

 Metal materials used more are aluminum alloy, stainless steel, copper, iron and so on.Sometimes the prototype also needs to consider the difference between the appearance and the material used in the actual mold production.In the model, some materials do not need to be processed, so any material can be made.But prototypes are different, and some materials can be made.But spray paint or some Angle is not good to process, for example, nylon add fiber material, this kind of material can open the mold to produce, but prototype, spray paint of the adhesive force is not good.That's what happens when you drop paint.So we do prototype, just to verify the appearance, we can change it to other materials, generally processing.The factory will propose changes according to the nature of the material and the process.

guangdong machine processing factory