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Prototype factory in DongGuan China, mainly producing: aluminum CNC parts, aluminum alloy machined parts, steel CNC parts, plastic machining parts, brass CNC parts, non-standard custom, Excellent quality of parts, the service is guaranteed, and the price is competitive.

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Machining common products include:Aluminum alloy machining parts,steel machining parts, plastic machining parts, copper machining parts and so on.

Aluminum alloy materials are widely used in industry.The shape of the parts is complex, the size precision and roughness requirements are higher and higher.There is a problem of part distortion in the process of processing.So how to solve the problem of deformation of aluminum alloy.

Aluminum alloy machining parts


Aluminum,Aluminum alloy


CNC machining, CNC turning and milling, EDM, wire-cutting,  Griding etc.



Milling Axis

3/4/5 axis

Machining size

up to 1200mm

Surface finish

Polishing or anodizing 


Arts & Crafts, Auto, Motorcycle Parts & Accessories, Medical Instruments, Computer Products, Home appliance, Architecture, Industrial Equipment & Components, Light Industry & Daily Use, Lights & Lighting, Manufacturing & Processing Machinery, Tools & Hardware, Toys etc.

Processing technology of aluminum alloy parts:

1.Processing reference selection:

The processing datum should be consistent with the design reference, the assembly datum, the measurement datum, and the stability of the parts should be considered in the process, the accuracy of positioning and the clamping reliability should be considered.

2. The rough machining

Because the aluminum parts processing dimensional accuracy and surface roughness is not easy to meet the high precision requirements, in the process of machining, first of all the machining allowance, especially the complex thin-walled parts, before finishing for rough machining.

According to the characteristics of the aluminum alloy material, found that the workpiece in machining process, the workpiece surface after repeated friction, can make the deformation of workpiece surface grain, dislocation, producing strain hardening phenomenon, cutting cutting deformation caused by the heat and at the same time, increase the size of the processed error, and even cause distortion.Therefore, the rough machining of general plane, using milling, planing.By selecting low speed, deep cutting depth and proper feeding quantity, the precision of machining is guaranteed.For the special shape, the nc machine tool is used for rough machining, and the cooling fluid is used to cool the workpiece, so as to reduce the influence of cutting heat on machining accuracy.And the artificial aging treatment is added to eliminate the internal stress and reduce the deformation caused by redistributing after the parts are processed.

In rough machining should increase the amount of knives, reduce the amount of supply.The amount of feed and the increase of the number of knives will increase the cutting force and friction, and the cutting temperature will increase.However, the impact of the feed on cutting temperature is less than the amount of feed.Increase the amount of knives to improve heat transfer.

3. Precision machining

In order to ensure the precision and surface roughness of the finished product of aluminum alloy parts, the precision machining process of the parts is finished.General selection of nc machine tool to complete.In the finishing process, because the machining allowance is small, the high cutting speed and small feed amount are adopted.In the tool selection, the larger rear Angle is used to ensure that the knife has sufficient rigidity, reducing the machining precision caused by the cutting vibration.In the process of assembling the workpiece, try to reduce the number of clamps, implement a positioning molding, and apply a smaller clamping force to reduce the assembly error.


In machining, high speed cutting will produce large amounts of heat cutting, can try to chip away most of the heat, but in front of the blade area still can produce high temperature, due to the aluminum alloy melting point is low, making the area before the blade in the semi-molten state, often make the strength of the workpiece in cutting point affected by high temperature dropped substantially, easy to produce aluminium alloy parts in formation in the manufacturing process of concave and convex to surrender.Therefore, in the finishing process, it is usually used to choose the cutting fluid with good cooling performance, good lubrication performance and low viscosity.While lubricating the cutting tool, remove the cutting heat in time, reduce the temperature of cutting tool and parts, and reduce the temperature distortion of parts.

Machining parts factory China

Q:For the first cooperation, what are our terms of payment?

A: In order to reassure you, you can pay 50% down payment, and then pay the other 50% when the products are sent to you in our factory.

Q:Would you be responsible if we received the goods we found there was a problem?

A: Of course.If there is any problem, we will be responsible for remaking the product for you.But please rest assured that each of our processing procedures has a quality inspection. If there is any defect in the production process, we will remake it directly.

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