CNC Lathe Turning Drive Extension Body

cnc-lathe-turning-drive-extension-body ,this project requested of Concentric circle and its length is 870mm, so it request of extra-length lathe turning machining, since both its visual and funcation are very immportant, so we need prepare everthing to keep tolearance and save re make risk.

Product Details

CNC lathe turning Drive extension body

item name:

Process :

CNC lathe turning , rame tool, clamp jig, EDM electroding, polish ,hard anodizing(customer can specify the color and thickness)

Material concern:

 aluminum 7075-T6


material cerification, hard anodizing report, inspection report

Shipping method:

TBD, normally DHL and air shipment

For more details welcome you get a chance to visit us ! you will know the everything!


Q: Do your guys do the QC check ?
A: Yes, sure, we are strickly follow ISO procedure to check quality and file the records within three month ;

Q: Can you support to design 3D modle ?
A: Yes, we do! but you need pay design's fair to both party.

Q: How often do you ship to parts?
A: 5-20 shipments per month, it depends on customer's Lead time requriements.

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