CNC Miling Jig For Medicine Equipment Extension Drive Bar

This part is widly use for precision parts autotmative assembly, so the jig is also play a very important role ,we had use our 4 axis CNC milling machining ,and Custom a special boring cutter ,and reamer to achieve the precision machining tolerance. please send 2D(PDF) and 3D( STEP)format to us, then we could advice the suitable process with reasonable budget for your!

Product Details

Project name:

CNC miling jig for Medicine Equipment extension drive bar

Process concern:

CNC machining, CNC lathe turning , slow wire cutting, polish ,hard anodizing,(according to Panton No.)

Material concern:

nylon, ABS, POM, clear PC plastic and aluminum 7075-T6, ,Ti alloy,

Tolerance request:

as per spec. 


material cerification, hard anodizing report, inspection report

Shipping method:

100% meet to customer's requirement By DHL/TNT/FedEx express, air or sea freight etc.

Machining in progress view.

when you get a chance to visit us ,we will show you our advantage and ability more


Q: Do your parts ship to UK before?
A: Yes, we do , and there are 90% ship to overseas, the remain of 10% is ship to ASIA country!

Q: If your price cheap?
A: Um... we only can say our price is competitive and reasonable compare to our competitor

Q: Do you do surface treatment?
A: Yes we do. our common surface treatment is like nickle plating, anodizing, painting etc... 

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