CNC Plastic Machining Prototype

Wire Cutting Machining Parts JINXIN machine top precise parts with wire cutting process, generally there are high speed WEDM, medium speed and slow speed WEDM. we can choose different WEDM process to meet different design and tolerance demand. When tolerance range is lower than 0.01mm, the...

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CNC Plastic Machining Prototype

Plastic machining parts are one of main prototyping service jINXIN provided. ABS, POM, Acrylic(PMMA), PEFE, PC are the most commom materials we're machining. Please send us your drawings with requirement details, the proper quotation will be submitted to you very soon. 

Our Advantages:

Export Quality Standard --- Building long term business relationshipment with customers from Australia, Belgium, UK, USA, France, Irish, Iran, Germany, Norway, Israel, which accelerate our steps for constructing our factory's inner quality standard through these years.

Best Price --- Based on our own workshops of CNC machining, EDM, Mould making, Rubber parts production.

Flexibility --- From rapid prototypes, small valume samples, batch production to mass production, these are all availble, so customer can choose us from the begining of a project, through the whole R&D period, and till the final production.

Spirit --- Our strength is our many years experiences to provide solution for variety complex design to real product, to provide the effectively mass production delivery. Because our teams don't stop on the way, we face every challenge and difficulty, we don't reject it but try every effort to solve out it.

Certificate --- We provide every certificate when customers require, such as material certificate even for every prototype, every sample, certificate of surface treatment like heat treatment, anodizing, nickel plating, electroless nickel plating, copper plating, golden plating etc. certificate of mold standards and so on.

Product example:

PMMA Machining Parts

ABS Machining Parts

plastic cnc parts

CNC Workshop:

cnc machined service

Sample Package Example:

ABS prototype

If Any Question or Queries to us. Please feel free to contact with us. Thank you.

Contact: Ms. Sally

Tel/Whatsapp: +86 18620259495


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