High Precsion 5 Axis CNC Milling

We are forcus on parts accurance and quality ,as well as the fast lead time, so this time,we will choose 5 axis CNC machining option for multiply surface parts CNC machining, so that this will be save lot of time and assure the parts accurance better. Beside, only own good machine is not enough, we need a senior engineer to guid the parts machining process details, so ,find us ,you will everything is possible and less worries!

Product Details

High precsion 5 axis CNC milling

Five-axis linkage means that there are at least five coordinate axes (three linear coordinates and two rotational coordinates) on a single machine, and simultaneous motion can be processed under the control of a computer numerical control (CNC) system.

The five-axis linkage CNC machine tool is a machine tool with high technology content and high precision for processing complex curved surfaces. This machine tool system is used in a country's aviation, aerospace, military, scientific research, precision instruments, high-precision medical equipment and other industries. Has a significant influence.

5 axis  job

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