Machining Samples And Small Batch

Transparent acrylic nylon abs pc all kinds cnc machining parts of plastic JX can custom various kinds of plastic prototype, included milling prototypes, cnc anodizing parts, cnc precision plastic processing and coating cnc parts service, its wide usage for industry and in house decoration...

Product Details

Machining samples and small batch ,we are forcus on prototypes and production .

since our peoples whom has more than 10years machining job experience, so we are confidence to accept both simple and complex jobs, please contact to us for the more details!

Our machining advantage is our engieer guyes whom only working as this fild, so they are professional,

and our machine all are new machine as we set up a rule ,each 5 years later,we have to sell the old machine and place new machines.

For products we accept small order from one pcs to thousands pcs order.

cnc machining factory

CNC precision plastic processing


Q: Do you do sandblasting in house or outsourcing ?
A: We do sandblasting in house, some peak season , we are also ok for do sandblasting in outsoucing.


Q: Do you have experience for  Custom agency?
A: Yes,we do ,as our main business is ship to overseas, so Custom agency is a part job of our service.

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