Plastic Parts CNC Milling Machine And Vacuum Casting

Plastic Parts CNC Milling Machine and vacuum casting ABS and model 3D printing and printing plastic parts 3D printer model Professional high precision SLA 3D printing prototype SLA building model and Figure sculpture

Product Details

This is a hair dryer hand, using ABS material.

  Hair dryer Shouban production process:

1.CNC processing: CNC equipment above the tool, according to the program set path, the material above the movement, the material on the extra part removed, to get prototype prototype.

2. Manual processing: the above three ways to make samples sanding, assembly. This program is to put all the parts into a finished product.

3. Injection: The hand samples have been made in accordance with the requirements of customers spray color, this spray is black light.

4. Assembly: The various parts of the hand model together.




Q: Do your parts ship to Japan before?
A: Yes, we had been ship to Japan via or Ireland customer .if your case need send to the 3rd party, it's also ok ,just need advance inform to us details.

Q: How do you control the outsourcing quality ,such as anodizing ?

A: We treat our sub contractor as one of our important partner, and good communication ,and the last is do IQC inspection ,after years experience, we are almost no complain from our customer


Q: Do you do extrusion ABS pipe?
A: Yes, we had been delivery to USA and Australia, Ireland before.


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