Precision Milling With EDM Small Features

Precision Milling With EDM Small Features

JingXin prototypes provides professional CNC Milling, Precision Engineering, Gear Machining, SLA & SLS (3D Printing), Vacuum Casting, Sheet Metal Forming, Machined Extrusion Parts, Silicone Rubber Keypads, Investment Casting, Rapid Injection Moulding and Die Casting services.. She uses many different rapid prototyping processes, each with specific materials and techniques to achieve a desired result. They will guide you through the best prototyping options to suit your project, end use and budget.

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precision milling with EDM small features

We (JX prototypes) provides various metal and plastic machining service, and we are also provide Custom prototypes from one to few thousands pcs service, let's working together, we will surely provide our golden service to you!

Please see below points for why prototypes is necessary?

First, verify the design: through the production of the physical model, the designer's concept is reflected in the shape, color, size, material. Provide an effective physical reference for more in-depth communication, evaluation, modification and improvement of design schemes, and verification of the rationality of design schemes.

Second, the inspection structure design: the hand board can verify whether the structural design meets the predetermined requirements, such as the reasonableness of the structure, the difficulty of installation, the detailed processing of the ergonomic scale.

Third, reduce the development risk: through the detection of the opponent board, you can find the problem and solve the problem before opening the mold, to avoid problems in the process of opening the mold, resulting in unnecessary losses.

Fourth, quickly push to the market: According to the characteristics of the fast production speed of hand, many companies will use the hand board for product promotion and pre-sales before the mold is developed, and quickly bring new products to the market.

During the grinding process, the silicon carbide and alumina sandpaper are coarsely divided into 150 grades to 3000 grades. For the grinding of PMMA materials and aluminum workpieces, coarse sandpaper is required for grinding and polishing, and PC material workpieces can be polished. Fumigation

The secret of painting and painting is the surface treatment effect of parts sprayed, the selection of paint types and the dust-proof degree of the fuel injection workshop. If the first few points are done, the paint of one product can be completed within a few minutes, and the success rate is high. Paint is a paint that, if used correctly, gives the surface a good visual appearance.

Silk screen printing and pad printing Silk screen printing is the character on the product of the stencil. Therefore, the position of the product index is not too concave. The flat product surface is the most suitable character for the screen printing process, which is high in efficiency and low in cost. The printing is carried out by using a steel plate with a character and a rubber head. The surface of the product is printed by the pad printing machine. The printing is suitable for the position where the character is needed, which is not flat, the depression is too deep, and the silk screen cannot be obtained, but The cost of pad printing is much higher than silk screen printing.

Assembly Before grinding and painting, all the parts of the model will be assembled and assembled so that problems in the product design can be discovered and the engineers can be communicated in a timely manner. After painting, all parts of the model are finalized and thoroughly inspected by QC personnel.

Important notice: we can accept small order !!!

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