Titanium Alloy Machining Parts

We are forcus on parts accurance and quality ,as well as the fast lead time, so this time,we will choose 5 axis CNC machining option for multiply surface parts CNC machining, so that this will be save lot of time and assure the parts accurance better. Beside, only own good machine is not enough, we need a senior engineer to guid the parts machining process details, so ,find us ,you will everything is possible and less worries!

Product Details

Titanium alloy machining parts

Performance characteristics of titanium alloy:

High intensity

2. High heat strength

3. Good corrosion

4. Good low temperature performance

5. Large chemical activity

Application of titanium alloy: mainly used to make aircraft engine compressor parts, followed by structural parts of rockets, missiles and high-speed aircraft. In the mid-1960s, titanium and its alloys were used in the general industry for the production of electrodes for the electrolysis industry, condensers for power stations, heaters for petroleum refining and seawater desalination, and environmental pollution control devices. Titanium and its alloys have become a corrosion resistant structural material. Also used in the production of hydrogen storage materials and shape memory alloys, etc.

Our service as below:

Giving the customer the right product.

  • CNC Machining, Milling and Turning

  • Production Turning on Plugboard Autos

  • Jig and Fixture Design and Manufacture

  • Assembly of Working Components

  • Fabrication facilities

  • Full compliance  quality procedures

  • Finishing - Hardening, Plating, Anodising, Grinding, Honing and Metal Finishing

CNC Machining, Turning, Milling & Computer Technology Systems

 continuing programme of investment in the latest CNC machinery and computer technology systems including CAD/CAM and Windows software enables us to provide a professional, progressive service.

Whether the customer is looking to create a prototype or is developing a production run, our expertise can be used to produce the appropriate components.

Titanium alloy machining parts


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