Water Jet Cutting

Industrial Component Machining CNC We (JingXin)is a factory which is forcus on Custom sample, small volume milling production, mass production of machining factory, our service range is various metal and plastic machining job; machining service; prototypes making, small volume production; mass production; we are normally only accept precsission parts job, the reason is if parts quality is too rough ,then we we will less control for whole batch quality, but please don't worry, though we are forcus on our quality ,even take quality as our life, but we still can keep a cometitive price and service, as we know win-win business can go forever, just like our relationship!Welcome sending more reiqurements details to us! Let's do some introduction regards machining process:

Product Details

water jet cutting  high precision Machining CNC


Can cut a wider variety of materials than either laser or EDM machining including reflective materials such as aluminum or copper with precision tolerances. CNC and multi-axis cutting is available.


Comparable to laser cutting tolerances and faster than EDM machining with lower capital and operating costs, water jet cutting is also environmentally advantageous and provides many other benefits.

No Heat Affected Zone

Narrow Kerf - .002-.040

Intricate Cuts

High Production or Single Piece

No Tooling Changes

Fast Set-up


An ultra high pressure (>30,00psi) and high velocity water stream containing abrasives is forced through a jeweled orifice creating a fine water jet which can cut virtually any material. The water pressure, velocity and abrasives combine to literally erode the work piece creating the cut.


Max Cut Size 6' x 12'

10" thick cutting capacity

high quality part image

turning  Parts Nickel Plating

good surface part image

whole factory flow chart

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