CNC Lathe Aluminum Medical Accessories Prototypes

Medical accessories prototypes, plastic prototypes production, plastic prototypes model, model prototypes offer, plastic prototypes processing, Dongguan prototypes prototypes can intuitively show the appearance of the product design; testing the structure and function of the rationality;

Product Details

CNC lathe aluminum Medical accessories prototypes
JX can take over all of Custom round metal and plastic turning parts and cnc machined parts,Our company has more than 40% of the business is covering small household electrical appliances, such as: coffee machine Shouban, juicer prototypes, grill plate, egg beating  prototypes, mixer  prototypes, Heater  prototypes, frying pan  prototypes, vacuum cleaners  prototypes, Covering almost all small household electrical appliances; nearly 20% of the business coverage of sunglasses; more than 15% of automotive traffic products, such as: hand lamps, automotive interior parts, engine hand; the rest is the radiator hand, Lighting Shouban, personal care  prototypes, children's products  prototypes, digital peripheral  prototypes products and so on.

Medical accessories prototypes processing technology:

1, CNC machining, SLA laser rapid prototyping prototype, vacuum complex mode processing

2, spray ash

3, polished

4, fuel injection

5, assembly

Packing: Inner packing: EPE, transparent bag Outer package: carton



1. Prompt response.
2. OEM & ODM is available.
3. Support factory inspection.

1. FAST in repose, solving problem, delivery etc.
2. PROFESSIONAL in designing, modifying & improving drawings etc.
3. COMPETITIVE in price & shipping cost 


All products have to go through PLAN ,DO ,CHECK, ACTION in the whole process:

Q: What kind of quality check equipment you’re using?

A: Digital caliper, Pin gauge, Thread plug gauge, Thread Ring gauge, Bore gauge, Micrometer, Coordinate measuring machine etc.

Q: When you change the method, do you need get permission from your customer?

A: we are stricly follow 4M change rule, whatever small or big changes, we will must be follow to

procedure to do it, if this is out of our engineer manager's decision ,then we will report to our customer and make a final decision.

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