CNC Turning Lathe Parts Mass Porduction

machining and truning ,combine two process but without deformation, please contact to us for let's start cooperation with you soon!JX can do precision aluminum cnc machine tool processing, parts custom machining eg acrylic ,abs, nylon, derlin parts, guarantee the quality of the products and requirements, to meet the need for small batch of CNC machining parts company manufacturing needs. for the fast service, high quality standard prototypes factory and fast lead time delivery, JX is that kind of prototypes manufacture company!

Product Details

Professional processing and production of precision car parts, springs, screws and other hardware manufacturers, to provide various types of mechanical non-standard parts processing, metal parts processing, all kinds of metal parts processing, professional CNC, take the heart machine, automatic lathe car parts and other machining.

Provide small batch proofing mass production of integrated services, advanced equipment and skilled technicians, processing speed, high precision, good quality and affordable.

Lathe pieces of various specifications, the standard sample plans and prices are for reference only

ing lathe parts mass porduction 


Q:How did you find us ?
A: We are the golden VIP member of MADE IN CHINA and SEO searching company. They two party offer credit supplier real job chance.


Q: Do you have 2.5D projector and do you use it inspection?
A: Yes, we have 2.5D projector and use it for our daily shipment inspection.


Q: Do your bank accept  Euro Currency ?
A: Yes, we do, we can accept below wire transfer( HKDUSDGBPAUDCADEURJPYSGDCHFNZDTHB )

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